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Yes Dear, We Love The Burgers

OK, so yesterdays BBQ saw us eating Venison Burgers and to be honest, I didn’t actually know what to expect when I agreed to try one.  I thought it would probably taste too strong and put me off trying anything like that again however, I was pleasantly surprised. The burgers we tried were actually really, really tasty.  The flavour is like a peppery beef. Might be slightly too strong for kids but I found them quite moorish.  We had them on an Iceland Ciabatta Roll with salad, a tsp of ketchup and a squirt of lighter than light mayonnaise and they were lovely.  So doing my shopping online last night, I decided I’d look and see if Asda had any venison items in stock (since they sold out of the burgers) and they did.  Butcher’s Selection Venison Steaks, 240g for £4 which is 2 steaks.  If the burgers are anything to go by then they shouldn’t shrink too much when they’re cooked so it’s still a nice size.

venison steak

What I like about venison is the fact that it’s so low in fat and calories.  You can have a decent sized steak or burger that doesn’t shrink and still has the ability to fill you up sufficiently.  I’d prefer that to a beef burger that goes from an inch thick to a couple of mm thick, is as dry as a bone and doesn’t touch the sides when you eat it so you have to have the thickest bun and mayonnaise with it.

These steaks are roughly about 130 calories each. Compare that to 125g of beef steak and the difference is phenomenal. 125g of beef steak (depending on what you have) is about 300 calories compared to 130 for the same in venison.  It’s a no brainer.


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