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WOW! 2lb until 4 stone gone

Only seems like yesterday that I was writing that 3 stone gone and now I’ve only got 2lbs to go and a massive 4 stone will have disappeared.

What’s surprised me on the “journey” so far is the fact that I’m enjoying it.  I’m enjoying trying to find new foods that fit in with my agenda, being only eat foods on the green and amber nutrition scale.  Anything on the red light is just not bought regardless of what it is or how healthy it seems.

I can explain it with the chicken I saw this week:

I wanted a change from ham to something else.  Didn’t fancy turkey so thought I’d have some chicken instead to have on sesame Ryvita for lunch.


As you see above, the salt content on this one – red.  So I ditched this one for a wafer thin one where everything was labelled under green/amber.


It’s nice with the My Net Diary app that it calculates your daily nutrients as when you get it right you get a green thumb up and when you don’t, it’s a red thumb down. Thankfully with paying closer attention to these labels, I haven’t had a red thumb for a few months and the weight loss is still on target.

Later today we’re trying chicken kebabs with a “sweet freedom” and mustard drizzle, low fat Tzatziki, toasted Warburton thin (in place of a pitta) and salad with lemon and herb dressing.  Sounds yummy and at 553 calories is perfect for my diet.

Lunch is also going to be interesting today as it’s asparagus with grated mini babybel, wrapped in turkey slices served with a lightly poached egg.  265 calories. Heavenly. But pictures and stuff coming up about those later.

Jackie x

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