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Weight Loss – Day 34

Well it’s been going really well.  I’ve managed to lose 14.4kg so far and I feel fantastic.  Apart from the odd hypo that I seem to be experiencing (last nights was horrendous as I hit 1.2mmol so I slurred my words, my head spun and I couldn’t move – thankfully Andy was here and managed to load me up with jelly beans to bring me back to a more reasonable 3.8mmol which then allowed me to get to bed).

diabetes meter

Apart from those, I’m having a whale of a time.  I feel so much healthy.  I have lots more energy and my body feels as if it’s had a spring clean inside.  I’m not getting any aches in my chest anymore due to my back, and I don’t feel sluggish anymore.  My neuropathy is playing up though as the nerves are repairing themselves again so burning and tingling, letting me know that they’re there.  It’s been limited though by the use of a new Magnetix Bracelet I have (which I didn’t think would work, but is simply amazing).  The pain is now quite bearable.

My moods have also changed dramatically.  My diabetes is seriously under control now and during the day the readings are showing I have incredibly tight control.  I do have to eat some kind of carbohydrate in the evening though to stop the hypos overnight.  It’s just a matter of plug in and play at the moment.

I have some new sweets that I’m enjoying too at present.  Caramelos Sugar Free Cherry Lollies from Amazon have a fizzy feeling to them but are just really fruity and only 22 calories per lolly.  Lollies take ages to get through so popping one of those in my mouth lasts me a good half an hour.  Long enough to get over a sugar craving and small enough to stick in your handbag if you want something on the go.


Plus I’m adding fibre into the diet now to try and get my 5 grams a day.  So after trawling through the Asda website, I’ve plumped for Weight Watchers “Love Fibre” which is on sale, 2 for £3 at the moment.  The box is a 500g box as well so it’s good value for money.  30g with 100ml of soya milk is only 113 calories.  I have that for breakfast with a small tub of fat free yogurt (mainly because of the study that 1 yogurt per day helps the body shift more weight) and I’m quite satisfied until lunchtime.


So that’s where we are right now.  I jumped on the scales yesterday and have lost another 1lb.  Then adjusted the “MyNetDiary” app which has now adjusted my calories on autopilot to 1,669 calories.  So today is the first on those calories down from 1,800.  I think I’ll be ok now I’ve adjusted a few portion sizes and put other things in the mix.

Jackie x

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