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Weight Loss – Day 20

I cannot believe it’s been nearly 3 weeks since I started my journey.  It’s gone so quickly AND it’s been really easy apart from one day when I had a little wobble and the Werthers saved me.

Weight Loss Menu Changes

Menu at the moment hasn’t changed dramatically but I have added a few things into the diet to keep it interesting.  Weight Watchers Caramel Crunch at 177 calories a tub and their Banoffee Dessert at 172 calories a pot has helped (although they have a little too much sugar for my liking) but they have helped the sweet tooth and the need for a dessert that I’ve had.


Another fab find has also been Walkers Pops.  These are similar to popchips! and come in 4 flavours: Melted Cheese and Crispy Bacon, Prawn Cocktail, Sour Cream and Onion and original.  Now I tried the Special K crisps in Original and to be honest they were like eating cardboard but the Melted Cheese and Bacon Pops are pretty lush.  Not too strong and in the same vein as Frazzles.  85 calories a packet is good and has a lot more substance to them than a packet of Wotsits which is 99 calories.  They can also be used with dips if you fancy a little extra.

I’ve put my daily calories down to just 1800 a day now as I’m a lot more comfortable with that since at 1900 it just felt like I was eating all day and nothing else.

My little evening treat which I look forward to though is my cup of Options Indulgence.  These are only 60 calories a cup and make a really lovely, creamy hot chocolate that settles me down for the night.  If I fancy a hot chocolate during the day, then it’s the Highlights Fudge or Caramel that I turn to as that’s only 40 calories a cup.

My 5 a Day

I’ve also tried very hard this last week to have my 5 a day, so I’ve bought different fruits to put in my salad (figs, strawberries, mandarins and blueberries although not all together) and eat a small bag of Nakd raisins with my lunch.  So I have:

  • 1st) Raisins at lunch
  • 2nd, 3rd and 4th) Spinach, Watercress and Blueberries (or other fruit at dinner as salad)
  • 5th) 3 figs or a handful of strawberries in the evening.

Whether or not its made a difference yet I don’t know but I will keep it up and let you know!



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