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Weight Loss – Day 10

I had a brilliant day today.  Firstly sorted out the new clothes that I’ve bought myself in different sizes from 16-32 – changed my mind on a few of them but I won’t really know until I get down to those sizes to try them on.

Then sat with Andy in the kitchen.  Cleaned the kettle (one of those one cup machines) and the work surfaces, then watched him cook dinner, chatted, played around with the SodaStream creating different drinks.  Found out that the Cosmopolitan syrup when put in 250ml of fizzy water was only 37 calories. YAY!  It was absolutely delicious.


Found out that half the pork shoulder I had for lunch had nearly 900 calories in for each portion!!!  900 calories????  It’s ok though because I’m on 1900 (just under) so it was ok as I just had it with 200g of mixed vegetables.  Andy had potatoes but I seem to have gone off them. Weird but true. Followed that up with a sugar free jelly and another glass of Cosmopolitan. Then we had a Costa Caramel (just 94 calories) each.  Was a really lovely lunch.

We then just sat and chatted.  Must admit, since my Mum went into her care home, the house is a whole lot calmer and we get on so much better. The tension between us (mainly because my Mum was constantly moaning about Andy for no reason at all – it’s a dementia thing unfortunately because previous to her having it she adored him) has disappeared totally.  Also helps that since I’ve been on my new diet, I’m a much happier person because I’m sleeping well, my blood sugar is normal and I don’t feel so sluggish and awful all the time.

We had a discussion about having the gastric bypass operation.  I don’t REALLY want to have it but it has a lot of pros.  I would really love to lose the weight myself, which is one reason I have documented it on this site.  I don’t want to fall off the wagon, so putting it all in black and white helps me get things into perspective.  So I’m going to give it a good old bash.  After I’ve done a month on 1900 calories, I’m going to take it down to 1800 and hopefully get some light exercise in.  It is slightly difficult because of my neuropathy and everything else wrong but I’ve got to do something to save my own life rather than depend on what’s tantamount to mutilation of the stomach really.

So today’s menu has been like this (it’s been quite a bit too)


  • 1 tub of fat free yogurt
  • 1 small Ohso bar


  • 303g pork shoulder
  • 200g mixed vegetables
  • 1 Sodastream Cosmopolitan
  • 1 Costa Caramel
  • 1 Sugar Free Hartleys Jelly


  • 1 Chosen By Kids Sugar Free Orange Juice
  • 2 Flatbreads
  • 6g Flora Buttery
  • 1 slice of ham
  • 1 mini babybel
  • 1 Sodastream Cosmopolitan


  • 100ml (55g) Asda Raspberry Sorbet


  • Fruit Shoot
  • 1 small bag of fridge raiders (45 cal bag)
  • 1 Sodastream Cosmopolitan

So that’s todays menu.  I still have 171 calories left after that, but will probably just have a cup of Oxo (22 calories a cup with 2 cubes) before I go to bed tonight.  Still got to weigh myself too but reason for that right now is I’m heavier than our scales.  I will just carry on until the clothes I have on start to get a lot looser.  I like it that way and that’s how I’ll do it.



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