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Todays Low Fat, Low Calorie Shopping from Asda

I put in my order online yesterday for some bits from Asda as I don’t want to get stuck in a rut eating the same thing day in, day out as I will get bored and that’s normally the point I fail on these diets.  It actually took me twice as long to do the shopping as normal as I scrutinised the calories, fat and the salt figures to make sure that what I ordered was low fat, low salt (or acceptable salt) and low calorie.  Everything would have been great if everything on my order had been delivered as asked and not substituted.  For the life of me, I have no idea where the thinking comes from of the person that picks the shopping that thinks a decent substitute for a vegetarian dish (this being a Spinach and Ricotta cannelloni which was under 400 calories, low fat, low salt) is a Beef Cannelloni (495 calories, high sat fat, high salt).  If I were a vegetarian, I think I’d be a little miffed.  Now I would have handed them back to the driver if I had taken the delivery but Andy took delivery of them so didn’t know what I’d ordered, hence him now having to eat the Beef Cannelloni himself for dinner tonight.


The rest of what I ordered today was different to what we would normally order.  I’m ashamed to say that our shopping would normally consist of cakes, crisps, fizzy drinks, crumpets, crusty rolls and things laden with sauces.  What a change a few weeks and a change in attitude makes.  This weeks shopping consists of:

  • Nakd Infused Raisins (66 calories a packet)
  • Cadbury Highlights Fairtrade Hot Chocolate Sachets (38 calories a cup)
  • Laughing Cow Blue Cheese Triangles (25 calories a piece)
  • Special K Cracker Crisps (85 calories a packet)
  • Mozzarella Light (163 calories per 100g, 9g fat compared to 247 calories per 100g, 19g of fat with regular Mozzarella)
  • Lemon and Pepper Dressing (45 calories per 100ml)
  • 45% Less Fat Vanilla Ice Cream (75 calories per 100ml/55g)
  • Mattessons Turkey Rashers (26 calories per rasher)

blue cheese

Plus a few other bits.  Now that’s definitely healthier than the majority of the things we used to buy and eat and I always wondered why I never lost weight.  Beggars belief really.  I think I was just burying my head in the sand and thinking the weight would just disappear overnight on it’s own.  If only…


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