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Sugar Free Goodness – Quest To Quell The Sweet Tooth

It’s like Willy Wonka’s here at the moment!  My order of sugar free sweets has arrived from Amazon this morning and they’re yummilicious.  I never realised that there was such a selection out there that wasn’t labeled “for diabetics”.  There’s really no such thing as diabetic chocolate since being a diabetic myself I’d always been able to eat “normal” chocolate without it affecting my blood sugar.  The only reason I’m eating sugar free at the moment isn’t for the diabetes (as you know) it’s just for the weight loss.  The enjoyment of a guilt free pleasure.

After the disaster that were Tescos Healthy Eating ones, I looked online for an alternative as I don’t want to get bored with just having the Werthers Sugar Free Candies and I’ve found Diablo have their own range of goodies.  Sugar free cookies, sugar free chocolate and sugar free sweets all perfect for you if you are cutting out sugar, on a low sugar diet or just on a calorie counting diet.  I’m not a cookie fan although I’ll have them now and again but Andy is so when I have some spare cash, I’ll buy him some of those however this time around I’ve purchased their coffee and cream sweets and their strawberry and cream sweets.  They’re hard boiled which means they last ages when you suck them, unless you’re a cruncher like my Mum then they’re gone in a few seconds.

sugar free sweets

I’ve seen the pattern on the sweets previously on Vivil Strawberry Sweets, but Diablo sweets are made in the UK, so I’ve got to support a UK company trying to get the nation healthy!  They taste delicious.  Vivil sweets are a little creamier but these are equally as good if you’re sweet tooth isn’t as sweet as it can be.  Still I prefer the Diablo ones as they’re not so sweet that they make the roof of your mouth sore when you’re treating yourself to a few. I love the strawberry sugar free sweets but the coffee ones though… ooooh… I’m in love.  They taste like a really strong but creamy cappuccino.  Rich yet smooth and satisfying much akin to the coffee centre in a Roses chocolate selection.  There are also another 4 flavours of the sweets to buy but I’ve not yet been able to find them – Amazon is out of stock of the Lemon & Cream and I can’t find anywhere else that sell them which is just my luck.

sugar free candies

Calories for these sensational sweets are 12 each for the Coffee & Cream and 13 each for the Strawberry & Cream.



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  1. jenny March 26, 2014 at 2:11 pm - Reply

    These look great. A good substitute to keep from getting bored in deed. Great post and recommendation. Sound yum.

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