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Sugar Free, Creamy and My Saviour Today

I’ve had a bit of a tough day today which I think is due to the fact that I weighed myself yesterday and I’m still not registering on the scales – not far from it because it flickered on the weight and then on the error so I’m not far but I knew I shouldn’t have done it as it would make me miserable.  Although I’ve not felt miserable I’ve taken it out on myself by snacking more.  Not on anything high calorie, just “one extra slice” and “one more won’t hurt” thing with ham and the laughing cow blue cheese.  So what you say, it’s only two pieces of ham and an extra triangle but to me it’s 100 calories that I could have used elsewhere so it’s thrown me off a little.  But the one thing that has cheered me up has been the delivery of my Werther’s Original Sugar Free Candies!  I couldn’t find them when I ordered at Asda, and Andy popped out to Tesco to see if they had any, which they didn’t (the majority of the stuff I want they never have, useless store) so I had to order them online.

They’re just 40 calories for 5 pieces.  8 calories a piece!  Something sweet and creamy albeit a little smaller than the original version, they still taste the same and took away the craving I had this evening when I was watching TV.  Ordinarily I’d have an egg with a cup of Oxo if I were peckish but those 5 little sweets have taken the craving away. So pleased that they manufacture them otherwise I may have fallen off the wagon.

original butter sugar free



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