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PR Rate Card

PR Collaboration:

I will accept free products or services in return for a review on the site if you have contacted me directly or via one of the sites I have listed offering reviews. I also review products or services if I feel that a review is necessary and in the interest of my readers through a product or service that I have obtained by winning a competition that I have entered. I will endeavor at all counts to give a totally, honest opinion.

September 2017 Stats:

  • DA: 27
  • PA: 33

Rates via Gift Cards/Vouchers:

  • £80 per post which includes 1 link, 2 photos with product alt tags and review/article written/pr supplied post.

I also give you the opportunity to hold a giveaway via this site on condition that we receive a duplicate of the prize on offer for myself.  Gift Card/Voucher rates negotiable, so please contact me with your budget if this more than you are allowed as representation.

Advertising:  Advertising opportunities are only offer by me on a purely ad hoc basis via a 125×125 ad in our sidebar where I see fit as part of:

  • A PR Collaboration project running continuously for 6 months or more
  • After being given a high value item for review (over £150)
  • Receiving a discount on a high value item (over 50%)

These are only offered on a 6 monthly basis after which the ad space is open for other contacts if I see fit.  This is not mandatory and will not be included nor offered as part of normal product reviews or collaborations.