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Quality Wrap and the Urge to Buy Low Cost to Save Money

I normally wait until right at the last minute to pick up some decent bargains on wrapping paper at Christmas but nearly always end up buying stuff that although it does the job, isn’t always the prettiest or the most eye catching.  This year however I changed my mind and thought I’d grab some in plenty of time and to be honest, I’m glad I did as I still got some fab bargains but managed to get some quality wrap in really pretty designs.

christmas tags

Marks and Spencer have had a 3 for 2 on their wrap and cards the last few weeks so I thought I’d take advantage and save a little anyway.  That in conjunction with using my Quidco link which at the time was 3% cashback with free delivery (although the free code didn’t go through initially, M&S did refund it after my parcels arrived) so I managed to save 74p with the 3% and then about £6 with 3 for 2s on my order.  The order itself didn’t cost much either as I signed up for Entertainment Extra on Sky a few weeks ago while their special offer which was a £25 M&S e-voucher  for free as I requested it online.  So my order of 5 wrapping papers, 5 tags, 4 ribbon packs and 1 box of cards came to about £5 after I paid with the voucher.

christmas ribbon

Now Marks and Spencer produce the e-cards it makes shopping there a whole lot easier.  Keep your eye on Bespoke Offers too as occasionally they post a brilliant offer of a £10 M&S e-card for just £5.  Keep the code that you get with the voucher to allow you the ability to buy online, or just print the card out and take it in store to spend it there.  Incredibly versatile and a bargain to keep as a top up in your purse if you need a little extra on your larger purchases.

Jackie x

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