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Day To Day Weight Loss

Over The First Plateau

I’ve been dieting now for the last 5 months and had a week or so where the weight didn’t drop but the last month was my very first plateau and although it was annoying, I did something I didn’t think I would do. I upped my calories. Yep, I put my calories up from the 1400 that MyNetDiary was telling me to eat, to 1600 calories. The result of doing that I initially thought would be weight gain but I’ve been surprised that since doing that, my mood changed from being miserable to happy and I’m pleased to say I’ve had a 4lb loss just this week.

Reason for putting my calories up was two-fold really. I was finding 1400 calories too restrictive for me and I had some of the most terrible hunger pangs I’ve experienced in a long time but also because being a massive fan of the programme “Obese – A Year to Save My Life” and Jessie Pavelka, I realised that whenever Jessie gives the subject a diet, it is nearly always 1600 calories. I have always wondered why 1600 calories was recommended over the regular 1800 calories which is so widely promoted via subscription based weight loss services and it seemed that Freelee the Banana Girl had the answer when discussing the “The Biggest Loser” winners (she speaks about under-eating at 2.52).

So the minimum that I should be eating as an obese person who wants to lose the weight is 1600 calories per day. I don’t want to go into Ketosis because that’s when you get these symptoms (and this is corroborated in Feelee’s video above):

  • Bad Breath
  • Low Energy
  • Depressed Mood
  • Muscle Wastage

Apart from the bad breath and muscle wastage as I don’t think I was on 1400 calories long enough, I definitely had no energy and was incredibly depressed.  If I hadn’t addressed this then I could very well have started to binge and I didn’t want to do that as I’d undo all the hard work that I’ve done already.

So going back to 1600 calories was total sense and looks like it works.  I have my happy mood back, I’m not hungry at all now at the end of the day and I’ve got my energy back again as well as a loss of 4lb.  Obviously makes sense!

Jackie x

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