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Over The First Plateau

1600 calories

I’ve been dieting now for the last 5 months and had a week or so where the weight didn’t drop but the last month was my very first plateau and although it was annoying, I did something I didn’t think I would do. I upped my calories. Yep, I put my calories up from the 1400 that MyNetDiary...


Sugar Free Sweet Giveaway ALERT!!

I know you love the sweet giveaways so I’ve got another one for you! This one contains: Sugar Free Cough Candy x 100g, Sugar Free Rhubarb and Custard x 100g, Sugar Free Sherbet Strawberries x 100g, Sugar Free Sherbet Lemons x 100g, Sugar Free Large Pear Drops x 100g, Sugar Free Cola Fizz x 100g,...

Weight Loss

Another Difficult Month

Taking stock of things last night and seeing how much weight I’ve lost over the past month, even though it’s just under another stone and I’m now down to 6 stone 2lbs off it has been a months of ups and downs. Some weeks I’ve put on 2lbs though not drinking enough water, or not exercising, or...


Win some Walden Farm Goodies!

Well I listed my dieting substitute foods which have been part of my success losing the weight so far. I know you would love to try them too so I’ve got your a pack of 6 sauces/spread to win so you can try them yourselves. Pop on over to the competition page and get your entries in! Good Luck Jackie...

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Dieting Substitutes

I must admit, when I started to lose weight, I was worried that I would miss a lot of my foodie favourites but after a hunt around the internet, I found some tasty substitutes that I thought I would let you know about if you too were a little apprehensive. Sweets for Werthers Original Sugar Free (5...

Weight Loss

Difficult 10 days yo-yoing


Well the last 10 days have been slightly weird with weight loss to say the least. Even though I’ve stuck to 1500 calories every day my weight went up by 4lbs. Now I didn’t want to panic but did sit and think if I had eaten something and not put it on my net diary app. I am pretty vigilant...

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The Weighty Truth

OK, now I’ve been dieting for just over 3 months I want to let you all know as I feel it’s the right time, the exact weight I started at on the 28th of February 2014.  I’m embarrassed to tell you this but I’ve got to accept where I’ve come from to appreciate where I’m...