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Not Just A Laughing Cow Today – Having A Pig Out

It’s not as bad as it sounds luckily, although I do feel like I’ve eaten quite a bit this lunchtime.

I’m trying a few new things today so had them for lunch which went like this:

  • 70g of honey roast ham (which was disgusting – got it from Morrisons too – much prefer the Yorkshire Ham)
  • 1 packet of Walkers Pops: Prawn Cocktail flavour. I normally steer clear of Prawn Cocktail flavours because just before my Nan died she was buying lots of them and Strawberry Complan and so after she passed away there was this lingering fragrance of both in her house which literally stopped me buying anything in those two flavours because of the association. For years I didn’t eat Strawberries either but I conquered that last year when I ate them every day of the Summer.
  • 1 packet of Nakd Orange Raisins: New flavour to Asda so bought a few packets (and they’re absolutely gorgeous).
  • 1 Laughing Cow Light Dip and Crunch: Again, new to Asda (I think it’s new on the market).  Only 78 calories although not as nice as it’s equivalent Dairylea Dunkers but half the calories.
  • 1 mini packet of Southern Fried Fridge Raiders: Only about 8 in a packet but I think they’re lovely.  Although last times multipack seemed to have been frozen initially so when I got it, the chicken was soggy and if you squeezed it, quite a bit of water came out.  This packet is different so the chicken tastes yummy.
  • 1 Weight Watchers Caramel Crunch Dessert: These are my favourite at the moment due to the amount of caramel in the dessert.  I always eat this frozen though because it lasts a lot longer.  Reminds me of a lush, rich creamy ice cream.
  • 1 small cup of coffee with soya milk: I don’t drink many hot drinks but was so cold today I needed a coffee.  I always drink soya milk though because it keeps my cholesterol low

Calories for that lot were 400 which isn’t too bad but seriously looked like I was having a massive binge!  I also nearly added a Laughing Cow Emmental Cheese Triangle but thought it was taking the mickey a bit so gave it to Andy instead.

I’m using the cheese triangles now on my flatbread crackers instead of Flora Buttery.  4g of Flora Buttery is 25 calories which is the same as the Laughing Cow light triangles in both Emmental and the Blue Cheese but you get twice as much to spread on the cracker making it a lot easier to consume.



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