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No Movement, So Dilemmas

Well it’s been ages now, I’ve dropped calories and I’ve upped calories yet I’ve stayed near enough where I am for the last 6 or so weeks.  I’ve plateaued for long enough now, think it’s been about 3 months, so now I have a dilemma of what to do.

After speaking with my support group on minimins who have advised me that I should eat nearer to my BMR to lose more weight.  My BMR is 2440 calories or so, but here’s what I should be eating to lose weight according to my stats:



So I’m not eating enough calories at 1600 to lose weight “fast” even.  Therefore I’ve got to up my calories to a more reasonable 1800 then, BUT I don’t want to lose weight fast and get stuck at a plateau again so anything I eat below 2300 should technically still lose weight.  So I might take the calories up to 2000 and see how that goes for a few weeks.  I want to do it sensibly even if I don’t make my target date which was July 2016 and extend that to Christmas 2016 at least it will be done properly and correctly without screwing my body up.

Andy is chatting to his personal trainer for me today to see if that’s more sensible, so all indicators do say I’m not eating enough to lose, so I will probably take advice from those that have done it properly before me and eat more.  If I put on a couple of pounds at the start with upping it, my body should eventually fall in line and start losing more (well that’s what the statistics say should happen so we’ll see).


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