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Long Time Since An Update

Well it’s been a few months since I last updated but to be honest I’ve had so much go on in my life these last months what with my depression and SAD kicking in during November, and December being a bad month for things, come January I lost my little fur boy Biscuit due to a vets misdiagnosis and not treating him for what he had, I have had a horrible, nasty few months.


However, I’m going to start back on my healthy eating regime again this weekend after putting on 9lbs since November.  I actually thought I might have put on a whole lot more but making the right choices of food with no exercise at all for the last few months took it’s toll with a 9lb gain.  Just goes to show that you need the exercise to keep the weight loss going.

So back on form from Saturday – nearly a whole year after I started initially so let’s see how much I can lose this year.  I want at least 10 stone but if I get another 8 stone off this year I think I’ll be happy.


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