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Jackie’s Fat Free Tzatziki

Over this bank holiday I’ve been doing a few different things with fat free yogurts and quark.  One of the things I made this weekend was a fat free tzatziki which we ate with our chicken and mushroom kebabs.

I wanted to write it down as you might like to have a go yourself.

creamy fat free


500g tub of fat free fromage frais

1/2 large cucumber

Juice of 1/2 lime

salt and pepper

mint or dill depending on what you prefer


Grate your cucumber and then squeeze out as much as the liquid as you can.  Put to one side and sprinkle salt on.

Chop your dill or your mint very finely.

Empty your fromage frais into a bowl and lime juice.  Mix.

Go back to the cucumber and again, squeeze out the liquid.

Put cucumber into fromage frais and mix together. Add mint or dill.  Then add salt and pepper to taste.

We put it back into the fromage frais container and used it over 2 days with toasted Warburtons thins.


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