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About Jackie

I’m a 42 year old female originally from West London now residing in East Anglia with my partner Andy and our dogs. Musician. After completing courses in Media after I left school, I spent time as a presenter then chairperson of the local hospital radio whilst studying video & magazine production at college (it was one of the best times of my life). I then went on to present local radio programmes as well as voice over work for other presenters and national radio stations. Ill health then lead me to pursuing other avenues such as voice training actresses for entertainment purposes and writing training guides.

When I’m not doing that I help others with the SEO of their websites and marketing as well as reviewing products and generally rambling on about anything and everything here.

I love glitter, false nails, silver jewellery, nail polish, dance music and dogs, especially cocker spaniels.  I love laughing, comedy DVDs, Jack Whitehall and anything that makes me cry with laughter.

One of the many passions I have is reading about conspiracy theories.  If not glued to my iPad reading about it, I can often be found watching something on You Tube about the mainstream information that we as the public are given by TPTB that shape our everyday world.  It simply fascinates me.

Don’t be afraid to have a chat or drop me a line – I don’t bite, unless I’m paid to do so…