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Weight Loss

Little disappointed but still going down at least

It’s been a few weeks now since the last weigh in and I’ve actually not lost an awful lot.  Quite disappointing to say the least but I know you can plateau for a few weeks so I’m not too bothered (just disappointed) and I’ll just continue what I’m doing now and hope for a larger weight loss in a few weeks.

Andy said for the very first time this week that he’s astonished that I’m still on the diet as he originally thought it would only be a few weeks (like used to happen) and I’d be off it again.  I hate to tell him that I’ve got more fire in my belly than ever and will continue with this until I only have the loose skin left to lose.


I’m really, really determined this time.  I love how certain bits of my body are now looking, and how my skin is so soft so it makes all the effort worth it.

I’ve modified my diet this week to include more protein as I want to do more resistance training (which I’ve not been doing for a few weeks due to a back injury) but want to ramp it up and get a decent sweat on to see if I can’t push some of this extra fat off and build some much needed muscle in my legs, arms and especially back.

Jackie x

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