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Weight Loss

Another Difficult Month

Taking stock of things last night and seeing how much weight I’ve lost over the past month, even though it’s just under another stone and I’m now down to 6 stone 2lbs off it has been a months of ups and downs. Some weeks I’ve put on 2lbs though not drinking enough water, or not exercising, or I’ve put fluid on du to yet another back injury which seems to be the norm at the moment (probably because being so huge at 34 stone 2lb my body was under enormous strain so I’d barely move) and now I can shuffle a bit I’m straining everything. Oh well, it’ll sort itself out soon.


I haven’t been wearing my Skechers Shape Ups this last few weeks either as they’ve been far too hot making my neuropathy worse so I’ve been wearing flip-flops instead – I can’t see that being a big deal really but got to keep an eye on my insulin intake.

i seem to be waking up early in the morning shaking and when I test my blood it’s around 2.1 which is far too low. Perhaps it’s then glucose dumping into my blood or something which is messing with the weight loss? During the day I’m fine and can cope on the units I’m using but it’s the night-time routine that’s getting out of hand.

Also I’m not sleeping very well. I found at the beginning I was sleeping well and all the way through the night but the last 3 weeks I’ve had broken sleep with panic attacks – they need sorting before they get out of hand.

So although this month has been tough, I’m still on target and lost a stone this last month. Here’s to the next one!

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