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Day to Day Dieting Difficulties That Turn You Into A Cry Baby

Oh boy, yesterday was so difficult for me, I ended up going to bed early and crying like a baby for a good hour.  It’s only to be expected at the moment with it being my TOTM.  I get incredibly weepy, which usually starts about a week before, then tails off quite nicely three or four days after it ends but I keep forgetting just how hungry I get around this time.


I messed it up anyway as the day before I had an extra piece of breaded chicken because I was so hungry, so had to take the 300 calories (I’m never buying the asda breaded chicken again as it’s so high in calories) off the next days amount so I was already down a decent amount for a meal, but I also forgot to make up my sugar free jelly.  If I don’t make 3 small pots of sugar free jelly to last me during the day, by the end of it my stomach is crying out for food even though I don’t need it.  But it just felt as if I didn’t eat enough yesterday.  My calories total has gone down to 1600 since I lost 14.4kg and to be honest, dropping 200 calories has been a little difficult for me to cope so I’m swapping stuff around again to stop me feeling hungry.

flakes of fibre in a heart

Now I’m eating 2 small portions of love fibre in the morning, and my yogurt at lunch with a couple of crackers.  I’ve done this because I bought Danio fat free yogurts and don’t particularly like them.  They’re too bitter for me to eat in the morning but with the crackers, they’re a bit tastier than just plain ham.  I don’t want to give up yogurts because they help with weight loss but I have to remember to buy Chobani instead as they’re sweeter to mix with the bran, therefore I don’t need the soya milk (saves 33 calories which can get me a cup of Oxo later in the day).

Although I have no intention of cheating, when it’s that TOTM the temptation is there so fighting it takes a bit more energy.  This week to kerb it each time I’ve had a craving, I’ve grabbed the shake weight or the resistance bands and worked it off that way.  I know by the end of this week my arms will look like a body builders but least I’ll have beaten the cravings into submission.

Have a great week everyone.

Jackie x

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