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As you will have read, I like to support alternative media outlets.  I think the mainstream media produces far too many propaganda pieces to build hatred towards the underdog by the underdog under the guise of “reality tv”.  They vilify single mums and the disabled in these programmes to “highlight” the outrageous behaviour they want you to believe they have, but it’s all balls.  Total and utter balls.  These programmes are only made for the ratings they get and to cause hatred towards the lower income residents we have in the UK by the British Taxpayer.

The Peoples Voice

So when I heard about an outlet by author and conspiracy theorist David Icke, I was quite excited.  We were promised a voice.  Alternative media was going to get some airtime in the UK, exposing mainstream presentations for what it is – disinformation.  It was going to be called “The Peoples Voice” and they were going to explode onto the scene, giving us the real truths.  The news that the mainstream media would never tell. Finally, Joe Public would get to learn about the truth of fracking, the disgusting cover ups of institutional child abuse , false flags, …  Important information that only the alternative media of our country discuss behind a wall of silence built by the elite of the world and upheld by our own government.  It was purported that it would be different to UK Column as it was made by the people for the people, asking the questions we wanted answered and exploring the subjects we wanted explored.

David Icke and his production team presented their ideas to us via YouTube promising that if we donated £100k that would give them the basics to get the idea off the ground, build the studio and get the ball rolling. So when the Indiegogo account was open for them to raise this £100k I was more than happy to donate a decent amount towards it and very soon the total was overtaken.  Assuming when it was overtaken, David Icke would produce another YouTube video thanking us all greatly and showing us the studio in the making.  But we didn’t.  We got yet another video asking for £300k this time – allowing the station to be around a lot longer and a plea to give a monthly amount.  I swear I must have had my stupid head on because I set up a monthly donation.

on the air

It started in November 2013.  Sonia Poulton (a regular on the This Morning sofa) had a regular spot which was the actual draw to the channel for a lot of people.  Having a major face fronting one of the live shows was the reason a lot of people tuned in and it was incredibly interesting for me – especially when she had the opportunity to interview Keith Allen about his amazing documentary (banned in the UK) “Unlawful Killing” – about the death of Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed and the accusations that the Royal Family of masterminded the car-crash that killed them both.

However on the 7th of January 2014, Sonia Poulton left The Peoples Voice (TPV).  Read her statement on her website.  Sonia claims to have left because David Icke refused to answer where the money that the public had raised had gone.  This lead to TPV bitching about Sonia, and calling her names as well as David Icke calling all the donators idiots (hey thanks Dave) and his son calling us all “mongs” which is a disgusting derogatory term and is only used here to highlight what a crass and highly obnoxious individual Gareth Icke (David’s son).

Read all about the fallout and stuff on earthlinggb’s blog which is very enlightening – written from the point of view of a) a supporter and b) an ex TPV volunteer. Pop on over to SilvaRizla and see what others are saying too.  It’s all incredibly interesting.

And what is happening now?  David Icke and Friends – and to be honest, it’s their own voices that they’re listening too rather than ours and we paid for his project to listen to what we wanted – we’re fools yet right now, they are pretending that a hacker has deleted all their YouTube videos (why on earth would anyone do that… or I get it… they’ve taken down their videos to edit them just incase they get themselves in trouble!  TPV has been a long line of disinformation presented to us with a latest video from David Icke thrown in for good measure claiming this week, that he’s ill. Friggin boo hoo.  Join the club.  But you don’t see me ripping 10,000 donators off or calling them names for asking a simple question about transparency.

WHERE’S THE MONEY REALLY GONE MR ICKE???  Not that I’ll get an answer.

So what can we do if we’re wanting to hear what’s going on in the world, uncensored by alternative media?  Check out a couple of real authority sites where you’ll hear the truth (that’s if you want to hear the truth by taking the blue pill).  Viewer discretion is advised if you are offended by strong language.

Chris Spivey – Ordinary bloke with a passion exposing scumbags – pulls no punches.

Bill Maloney (Pie and Mash Films) – Award winning film director and anti-child abuse activist.


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