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Weight Loss – Day 34

Well it’s been going really well.  I’ve managed to lose 14.4kg so far and I feel fantastic.  Apart from the odd hypo that I seem to be experiencing (last nights was horrendous as I hit 1.2mmol so I slurred my words, my head spun and I couldn’t move – thankfully Andy was here and managed […]

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Weight Loss – Day 20

I cannot believe it’s been nearly 3 weeks since I started my journey.  It’s gone so quickly AND it’s been really easy apart from one day when I had a little wobble and the Werthers saved me. Weight Loss Menu Changes Menu at the moment hasn’t changed dramatically but I have added a few things […]

Health, Weight Loss

Weight Loss – Day 10

dieting tomato

I had a brilliant day today.  Firstly sorted out the new clothes that I’ve bought myself in different sizes from 16-32 – changed my mind on a few of them but I won’t really know until I get down to those sizes to try them on. Then sat with Andy in the kitchen.  Cleaned the […]