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No Movement, So Dilemmas

Well it’s been ages now, I’ve dropped calories and I’ve upped calories yet I’ve stayed near enough where I am for the last 6 or so weeks.  I’ve plateaued for long enough now, think it’s been about 3 months, so now I have a dilemma of what to do. After speaking with my support group […]

Day To Day, General, Weight Loss

The Weighty Truth

OK, now I’ve been dieting for just over 3 months I want to let you all know as I feel it’s the right time, the exact weight I started at on the 28th of February 2014.  I’m embarrassed to tell you this but I’ve got to accept where I’ve come from to appreciate where I’m going. […]

General, Weight Loss

WOW! 2lb until 4 stone gone

Only seems like yesterday that I was writing that 3 stone gone and now I’ve only got 2lbs to go and a massive 4 stone will have disappeared. What’s surprised me on the “journey” so far is the fact that I’m enjoying it.  I’m enjoying trying to find new foods that fit in with my […]


March 2014 Weigh In

OK, I had to buy some new scales this week simply because ours weren’t a big enough capacity for me to weigh myself.  But received the scales today and weighed (although I should have waited until tomorrow morning).  But I’ve gone and lost 12.4kg!!  Woohooo!  I’m totally made up with that.  Just goes to show […]