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One Month and Just 3lbs

This last month has been a bit of a nightmare. I thought I was over my plateau but it’s obvious that I haven’t been. All I’ve managed to shift over the last month has been just 3lb. I’m stuck. Totally stuck. So I’ve had to adjust my calories again (I didn’t really want to go […]

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Dieting Substitutes

I must admit, when I started to lose weight, I was worried that I would miss a lot of my foodie favourites but after a hunt around the internet, I found some tasty substitutes that I thought I would let you know about if you too were a little apprehensive. Sweets for Werthers Original Sugar Free […]

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Love Peanut Butter But Not The Calories?

Peanut Butter

Well I know I do and one of the things that I’ve missed while I’m eating differently is a peanut butter and jam sandwich.  I used to love these when I was a kid and if we had peanut butter in the house (we’d give our Milly a spoonful each night in her dog toy […]


3lbs To Go To A 5 Stone Loss

Muller Desserts

It’s been 3 months today since I started this new diet and way of eating and after weighing myself this morning, I found I only have 3lbs to go to a 5 stone loss.  My BMI has gone down by around 11 too!  So I’m totally on target right now to get down to 10 […]

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Yes Dear, We Love The Burgers

venison steak

OK, so yesterdays BBQ saw us eating Venison Burgers and to be honest, I didn’t actually know what to expect when I agreed to try one.  I thought it would probably taste too strong and put me off trying anything like that again however, I was pleasantly surprised. The burgers we tried were actually really, […]

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BBQ Food and Sunshine!

low fat venison burgers

Well it’s beautifully sunny this weekend so it’s time to get the BBQ food out again but looking at the selection in the supermarkets I’m not going to buy their “speciality” BBQ food as the majority is laden with full fat dressings or high sugar syrups.  Beef burgers might be made with British Beef and […]