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BBQ Food and Sunshine!

Well it’s beautifully sunny this weekend so it’s time to get the BBQ food out again but looking at the selection in the supermarkets I’m not going to buy their “speciality” BBQ food as the majority is laden with full fat dressings or high sugar syrups.  Beef burgers might be made with British Beef and fresh onions but the amount of fat in them makes them totally unhealthy and way off the scale for dieters.

nutition label

Take the image above, taken from the nutrition label of a well known Beef Burger.  Both Fat and Sat Fat – red.  That’s a terrible amount of fat to put in your body.  6.1g in each burger.  The calories as well are far too high.  235 calories per burger, once added into a burger bun, salad, dressings, I bet your looking at around 500 calories just for that.

Now it’s not a BBQ without burgers but I didn’t want to waste that many calories on a burger so Andy went hunting for some that would give us the same satisfaction without the calories.  So he took a look at venison burgers.  They’re supposed to be similar to beef burgers with a slight gamey twang but the fat, sugar and salt are supposed to be so very low that they tick all the right boxes.

low fat venison burgers

Calorie wise they’re a measly 130 per burger – so much better than beef burgers.  We’re going to have them with ciabatta rolls which are only 154 calories per roll.  Add to that some Florette Peppery salad and dressing and we’re only looking at about 300 calories.  This is much more palatable for the dieter.  You can even stick a couple of Weight Watchers sausages on the BBQ too so you have the feeling that you’re eating what is deemed “normal” barbecue but without the guilt.

Some other news on the weight loss front – I’ve now lost a total of 4 stone and 6lbs and broken past one of my milestones! It’s been a little struggle over the past few weeks as it didn’t seem to be shifting but it was mainly because I wasn’t drinking enough water.  Luckily in my Degustabox this month which I reviewed over at Us Two Friends,  I got to try Go Splash so used that to mix it up a bit.  The concentrate is between 27-50 calories per bottle so I add 50 on at the beginning of the day and use Go Splash at will.  It’s working for me, so why not give it a go.  I’ll do a proper review of them once I’ve tried each flavour so I’ll get back to you on what they’re like!

Have a great sunny weekend wherever you are.

Jacqui x


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  1. wendy May 26, 2014 at 2:52 pm - Reply

    It is amazing how everyday food is laden with calories or have a high fat content. Thank you for this post and highlighting this. Great alternative hope you enjoyed them x
    wendy recently posted…Coping After A Stroke – My Story Part 2My Profile

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