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3lbs To Go To A 5 Stone Loss

It’s been 3 months today since I started this new diet and way of eating and after weighing myself this morning, I found I only have 3lbs to go to a 5 stone loss.  My BMI has gone down by around 11 too!  So I’m totally on target right now to get down to 10 stone 4lbs by April 2016.

This week I had a look around to find something chocolatey that would satisfy my choccie cravings and I think I found it in the shape of Muller Wicked Chocolate Desserts.  They’re only 88-102 calories per pot depending on which you choose out of fudge, white, mint and milk chocolate and they are absolutely amazing.

Muller Desserts

Sometimes I used to have teaspoon of condensed milk on my ice cream and these little pots of heaven are exactly the same without any of the calories and now I don’t need the ice cream!  If I do, then I’ll have a Weight Watchers Swirl Pot. Light is low enough to have for breakfast too if I don’t fancy a Muller yogurt but they taste so naughty it’s madness.  To get their consistency I used to have to mix up a Cadbury Light Mousse, but I’ve no need now as I have these.

To maximise the chocolate hit, I have been known to eat it with my OhSo Bar but that’s only when I’m really craving chocolate badly (which thankfully isn’t very much).

Give them a go!


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