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Just 3lbs off the 3 stone! I’m on target.

Well it’s been about 10 weeks now (if my calculations are correct) and I’ve gone from 1900 calories a day to 1600 calories a day according to the autopilot on the MyNetDiary app and although a couple of days in the last week have been pretty tough, I’m really enjoying it.

Weigh in today was unofficial as it should be Sunday but as I’ve just had the dreaded TOTM I wanted to see if it made any difference and low and behold… another 2.5kg gone for good.  That’s 17.7kg in 10 weeks and only another 3 lbs to lose to hit my target of 1 stone per month.  I just hope it continues as I’m still finding new things to add to the diet to keep me interested.


This week I’ve fallen in love with “Peanut Hottie“.  It’s a peanut butter based drink – bit like a hot chocolate but peanut butter.  It’s out of this world to drink but if you add the sachet (which is 83 calories) to a tub of Quark… oh boy.  It’s slightly bitter still BUT it works and it works REALLY well. If you want it a little bit sweeter just had a teaspoon of Truvia and it’s spot on.

I had a 250g tub of Quark in the fridge all on it’s lonesome today so thought I’d have a go with the Peanut Hottie as I’ve not had huge amounts of luck with the hot chocolate or the coffee (although they were ok they weren’t a patch on this one). But now this is my dessert of choice.  OK, the sachets are 83 calories so it’s not for an everyday drink but if you want a treat and you only have 100 calories at the end of the day to spare – go for it with the Peanut Hottie. Yum, yum, yum – nuff said.

Jackie x

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