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Monthly Archives: April 2014

Weight Loss

Little disappointed but still going down at least

It’s been a few weeks now since the last weigh in and I’ve actually not lost an awful lot.  Quite disappointing to say the least but I know you can plateau for a few weeks so I’m not too bothered (just disappointed) and I’ll just continue what I’m doing now and hope for a larger […]


Peanut Hottie Cheesecake Topping

This one is pretty quick and easy. 1 x 250g tub Quark 1 Peanut Hottie Sachet (10g) 1 tsp or 1 tbsp of Truvia Tip the Quark into a bowl, pour on the Peanut Hottie powder, mix thoroughly and add the Truvia to taste. Spoon into a dish – devour. Calories:  258 (serves 1 if […]

Health, Weight Loss

Weight Loss – Day 34

Well it’s been going really well.  I’ve managed to lose 14.4kg so far and I feel fantastic.  Apart from the odd hypo that I seem to be experiencing (last nights was horrendous as I hit 1.2mmol so I slurred my words, my head spun and I couldn’t move – thankfully Andy was here and managed […]