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My 2 Secret Weapons – But Do My Feet Look Big In These? Yes They Do!

New trainers. In the 1990s I’d wear my LA Gear trainers (the obligatory plastic tag hanging out to the right hand side) track trousers and puffa jacket looking more like the Pillsbury Dough Boy than the trendy teen I wanted to look so giving them up wasn’t a battle as I took to more of a conservative look throughout my 20s.

LA Gear Trainers - Image Copyright

LA Gear Trainers – Image Copyright

However while chatting on the phone to my sister the other day, she mentioned how she managed to lose weight last summer going from 12 stone to 10 stone in a matter of months just by changing her footwear from canvas pumps to trainers. “There’s no way I’m going to wear trainers again” I said “don’t you remember when I tried to be trendy – it just turned into such a disaster even my college friends would walk on the other side of the road not to be seen with me.” It’s ok to embarrass your parents when you’re out and about doing your thing but when you’re own friends are too scared to tell you that you look a prat, then you need to worry. “But they’ll help with your weight loss” she retorted. “They tone up muscles that you never knew existed and you’ll thank me for extra weight loss, madam. Stop getting on your high horse and get some, I’ll find you the link on eBay”.


Skechers Shape Ups

Moments later, I’m ordering trainers. Yeah, I caved in and bought some. But these aren’t ordinary trainers (with or without the plastic name tag). They’re Skechers Shape Ups. The video explains it pretty well but in my own words – for the first few days they make you look like a stilt wearer until you find your centre of gravity, then they make your bum and legs ache, whilst making numerous trips to the bathroom to empty your bladder (I have no idea why they do this but my sister says that they tone up the pelvic muscles and that’s why – who am I to argue – she’s 14 years older than me and should know better as she was a dancer so used to knowing her stuff) and when you eventually get used to wearing them, they’re comfy and do indeed add to your weight loss.

Just wearing them this week took my usual 3 lbs loss to 5 lbs. Although I don’t walk very far simply because I can’t due to the painful neuropathy in my feet, the little bit I do end up doing, I do in shape ups, makes a difference. When I’m not walking on them, I’m sitting in my chair or my wheelchair doing the leg exercises as they show on the video that comes with them. That alone has built the muscles up in my calves and I’m starting to see a shapely leg, rather than cankles.

Product Image courtesy of

Product Image courtesy of

But it’s not just the shape ups that I’ve taken to using this week. I’ve also started taking Matcha Green Tea shots. It’s tastes disgusting to start with though as it’s 2mg of green tea powder whisked into milk or mixed into yogurt and tastes like you’ve eaten tea leaves (you know when you get a tea bag that’s burst in your drink and you accidentally eat some – it’s just like that). The wonderful thing about it though and is the reason I now partake in a shot a day is due to it allegedly raising your metabolism by 35-43% and helping you burn more fat. According to the label, 1 shot has the same antioxidants as 17 cups of green tea (which I must admit I do like with lemon) but could never drink 17 cups of the stuff in 1 day. Add this to your diet and not only will it “energise” and “calm” (green tea did wonders for my depression) but you’ve got the added weight loss bonus to boot. Sounds good in my book. Although we shall see.

Jackie x

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  1. Debbie May 10, 2017 at 7:25 am - Reply

    Hi Jackie. I love this article, I am doing something very similar to you, I love matcha tea well when I say I love matcha tea not the biggest fan of the taste but its so good with such busy lives as mums and working a cup of tea can be so good for your body, I though I would share a company with you that does flavoured matcha tea which I really love, you should check out The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company

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